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So it's only been over a month and a half. So I only managed to quit my job, pack my shit, drive 2,227 miles, find a new place, move in, fly back to Portland for my cats, start school and not actually completely lose my mind (I said completely, I know and I'm sorry what a couple of you have been dealing with from me, I know, shut up also I love you), AND I STILL HAVE THREE PIECES TO MAKE A POST.


I still have so much reading to do today, it's horrifying.

My BBB, Round 2 piece, one Into The Woods piece, and the first of a four-part born of a really weird conversation somewhere in the mountains of western Montana.

and you will wait at your post until you've been relieved, and warn us all if seas are dangerous. )

A couple words of disclaimer/blather-
The second two I have every intention of going back into and doing a lot more color replacement kind of stuff and some basic cell-shading. These are getting tacked onto the list begun with the last legit art post I made, on which I have made a grand total of zero headway. I'll get there.

I also might try and start posting in twos instead of threes, we'll see how OCD I get when the time comes. Yes, this does actually create legitimate concern for me and yes, I know it's ridiculous.

[livejournal.com profile] manipulant, I only have... ohgod. Do I really only have one left? I've been saving him for last and this is it, isn't it? Gah! Anyway, it looks like you're totally gonna be getting some kind of bizarre fan mix thing with the last installment, because I can't not soundtrack everything I do and some songs were just made for gay married storybook shenanigans.

Have I mentioned lately that I really like comments? Cuz I do. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Oh my god, this weekend has been insane, art-wise.

[livejournal.com profile] manipulant IS AMAZING. I HOPE EVERYBODY IS AWARE OF THIS. (For many, MANY reasons including the one listed here, I feel it's necessary to point out.)
She made me an ALL-CAPS promo post on her journal and I've been getting friends requests and comments and

HI, HI NEW PEOPLE! Welcome to the party! Feel free to comment, say hi, spam me anything but Justin Bieber OH MY GOD some people think they're soooooo funny, don't be shy. Thrilled to have you!~

Now for the stuff you actually might care about.

Maybe I'm aging, I like how that sounds. )

Which brings me to


I created it this afternoon and have spent all day bombing it. I've never actually used Tumblr EVER, okay, so bear with me a little if I'm blundering around like a moron over there. For that matter if I do something stupid or whatever, let me know over here, okay? So I can fix it? [livejournal.com profile] dorian_mauve spent most of today on Twitter with me, walking me through it and barely avoiding a couple major meltdowns when I couldn't figure out (still can't) how to reply via reblog. Fucking kill me, I swear. I'd rather you correct me than just continue looking like an idiot.

A side note to that, I've got Vices & Virtues: It Came queued up to post one-a-day for the next week or so, starting today. In case anyone's wondering why only Ready To Go is up there so far.

Never stop.
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The product of my certifiably awful mood last night.

Nate Ruess just makes me happy like few things make me happy, alright? This is a fact I am learning. Something about his stupid, frumpy, adorable outfits with his grandpa sweaters and inability to wear socks. This.

[livejournal.com profile] dorian_mauve, last week you told me to draw you a thing.


Oh, and blogspot version is here.
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Two and a half weeks later, TA DAAAH. DONE.

(Unless anyone has a b-side they wanna see, in which case just tell me which one.)

Vices & Virtues: It Came

Here there be monsters. Or. Well. Shane Drake. Close enough. )

You guys rock. I know I require a ridiculous amount of handholding to get anything done like this, ever, so I appreciate the validation and encouragement. I'm glad it's been making people laugh.

I'm strongly considering Razia's Shadow as a follow-up project.

The other candidate for a follow-up would be this zombie apocalypse thing I've had rattling around in my head since October. Yeah, I know everyone and their dead grannie is doing zombie apocalypse things, but I wanna get it out of my system, and the only way that's gonna happen is if I stupid-comic it. I don't have the time, energy, or attention span to do a full-blown comic, I don't think, but if I just sorta worked through it in doodles, maybe..?

Would anyone be interested in a zombie doodle comic?

I know I do this like, every other post, but here it is again- Let me know if you want off this filter! Or, rather, if I should make a new filter for future stupid-comics posts so your flist isn't spammed all to hell, but you can still view the V&V ones. I'm easy.

Um. Actual active bandom-type people on my flist? Should I like, make these more public? I know they're pretty lame and I mostly just do them for kicks. I have no idea of people who don't know me would think they were entertaining, but maybe?

Not that it really counts, but this is sortakinda my first-ever actual completed comics project. And... I have a degree in comics. I'm just gonna fistpump a bunch and ignore the really depressing second part of that statement.

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Do you ever get ready, go out, do your thing, and then come home eleven hours or so later to realize that you aren't wearing the socks you thought you were wearing?

It's a marvel that I manage to function like, ever. Okay, moving on.

Vices & Virtues: It Came

Am I the only one who wants to hear Marvin Gaye sing this chorus? Come on. )

Ryan Ross would rock the SHIT out of a pretty pretty princess dress.

I like drawing socks.

...I have absolutely nothing interesting to say today.
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The Academy Is... split up yesterday. SURPRISE!

For a band that has maybe two songs that I can listen to without cracking up/changing tracks, I'm sort of in love with them. They're just so... sweet. With a heavy side of derp, but I think that's just part of the package. And in following with their sweet, earnest love fest cum band legacy, they just enacted what I think may be the most amicable split in the history of the internet.

Complete with Tweets like these. )

Michael Guy Chislett and Andy Mrotek are the ones leaving, so I'm a little curious about how this whole big fourth album Bill keeps hyping is gonna get recorded, minus a lead guitar and drummer. Oh well. I'm shallow. All I care about is the continuation of stuff like-

You get the idea.


Vices & Virtues: It Came

Some splits are maybe not so friendly. )

The b-sides, guys. The b-sides.

D: + fish sticks + Saves The Day = :D (It's like Chris Conley feels all of my feelings, and then we sing about them together! yes, I am the center of the universe. why do you ask?)

I feel like kind of a failure every time I look at my flist and see [livejournal.com profile] bbbartists calling for pinch-hitters in the first round. I know it's ridiculous and it would make me miserable to even try and that I have an art lineup as long as my arm to cram in before August, but I still feel like a lazy failure kind of. Woe.
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So I was fully intent on asking:

Does anyone besides myself really want to see Spencer Smith in a pillbox hat? Anyone?

I had a post-it note to remind myself to ask, and everything.

But apparently I didn't even have to ask, because [livejournal.com profile] dorian_mauve is psychic and wonderful and we are totally on a wavelength. (HOW'S THAT KOOL-AID TASTING, BABY? TREATING YOU GOOD?)

Therefore, I amend-

Does anybody else really want to see Spencer Smith in a pillbox hat? Anyone else?

Vices & Virtues: It Came

It's like every Bon Jovi, Tom Petty, Journey, and Disney musical song all jumped into a pool full of glitter together and rolled around in convulsions of optimism. )

Ryan Ross's metaphor stick would totally be a metaphor cricket bat. Don't kid yourself.

So, uh. They're not expecting us not to see this as one giant band metaphor, right? I mean... It's supposed to be glaringly obvious. ...Right?

I am probably always going to associate this song with [livejournal.com profile] manipulant and Jack In The Box. No. Really.

One of my clients this morning nearly had a crisis trying to obtain a FOB CD for school. Since we got the request by phone and I didn't answer it, I don't know which of my clients it was and I kind of desperately want to know. But I can't just ask, because that'll make me look CRAZY. HA HA HA WHAT. I also really want to know which CD of theirs was so desperately needed. These things are relevant to my life.

All I did this morning was text. That is all I did. I am occasionally a really terrible employee.

I've officially drawn myself into a permanent state of raptor-hands. That hasn't happened since undergrad. WOO!
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Okay, so besides the fact that this song mentions organs. ORGANS. ♥ ♥ ♥.

Besides that.

I can't not approve of a song that makes all of my Panic!-Disney associations a reality.

Vices & Virtues: It Came

See? Told you so. )

Total amnesty still applies if you want off the filter for these. Just comment or email!

I almost started setting up a website last night. The end is extremely fucking nigh.

...I wish everybody could see my cat Patrick licking the paper this is drawn on right now. Specifically the picture of Pete Wentz.

Someday I'll stop mentioning my cats every post. I promise.

Everyone should have a second chance to appreciate [livejournal.com profile] aquidis's efforts in Photoshop.

Caaaaalm yourself, Saportaaaa.
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I have been awake foreverrrrrrrr. My life keeps happenninnnnngggggg.

Whatever. POST TIME! :D

Vices & Virtues: It Came

we just wanna get down on the floor )

Yes, I am in fact aware that Odette and Odile are typically played by the same prima.

The idea of Suarez and Ryland making out actually kind of makes me want to die a little. ...In a not entirely awful way.

Nate Navarro, my love is deep and it is eternal. Baby, this thing is so real.

...Gabe Saporta will probably never not be Fairy Godsaporta in my stupid comics. I think I just realized that.

crap, I guess I never technically posted this... )

Don't be hatin.

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You know when you're in seventh grade and you send the kid you like a note "Do you like me??? Check yes or no :D", with little check-boxes and all the i's dotted in hearts?

That is what this song makes me think of.

It makes me happy.

Vices & Virtues: It Came

you were warned.

stuff's under the cut.

We ♥ our metaphors )

I'm not actually tin-hatting. Sometimes I just need to make adorable things.

Ryan's just cranky because cable-knit isn't as awesome as Rosevest.

Fictional Jon Walker is my favorite.

Other Things: )
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[livejournal.com profile] dorian_mauve, this is yours. Thanks for keeping me company last night. ♥ ♥ ♥ (you totally deserve more)


Vices & Virtues: It Came

seriously. why aren't you running?

supplemental material below the cut, of course.

I have this whole scenario worked out in my head where Brendon is a vampire in Lost Boys and wrote this song while hovering around outside Spencer's window, watching him sleep. Kiefer Sutherland comes by at some point. )

Spoiler! Expect cameos.

I actually managed an attention span longer than twenty minutes last night, so HOORAY! I've finally got another big piece going that might stick this time. Facial scars and fancy clothes point to yes.

So I have this thing, right, for Ryan Ross in really douchey sunglasses. It's a thing. Kanye is on board.
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In no particular order, I give you...

Vices & Virtues: It Came.
a series
run while you still can

(sorry, I'm not used to doing these things full-page, you might wanna click and magnify. Ugh.)

Now, I don't want anyone to get excited- I can't do the kind of photo-realism I used here for Shane Drake in all my comics. It'd take way too long. Sorry to disappoint.
(Ryan didn't have time for a complete costume change after the Baywatch thing, but he hopes you like his bubble pipe.)

And really. Can I just commend the shit out of whoever's in charge of Panic!'s advertising PR right now? I'm not even kidding, this is my favorite new album ad in the history of ever. Veni, vidi...
Don't blame the artist, it's the advertising's fault. )

There was other work-type stuff I was gonna write about, but my attention span just died.

Calendar next, I feel?

Or Memories..?

...Or Trade Mistakes...

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So pretty much [livejournal.com profile] reni_days rocks my world.

This has been gestating for like, a week or so, after a conversation we had about Brendon Urie and his truly remarkable use of subtlety in metaphor. By which we mean, his utter inability to engage it.

It was worth a try, right?

Don't get it? This might help.
Oh no, I seem to have forgotten my bathing suit. Oh, my goodness. You're so wet.
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This post is for me and [livejournal.com profile] regonym to BE AMAZING AT EACH OTHER in. So we stop being amazing all over [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved's LJ.

Goodness gracious, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, BABY.
No, like. Literally.

...I'm gonna hate myself for this later.

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