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Most of this can be found in bigger, shinier versions on my Tumblr, which is here. It's mostly entirely art, but occasionally I cave/am coerced into reblogging stuff. Oops.

Legit Art )

Collected Into The Woods pieces done for [livejournal.com profile] manipulant's fic.

Collected In Sickness, Health, and the Duckpond at Humboldt Park pieces and oddments done for [livejournal.com profile] quaxelrod's fic. (in progress)


Into The Woods )

Vices & Virtues: It Came )

Misc Panic! )

Ryan Ross )

Nate Ruess )

Miscellaneous )

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Oh my god. Oh. My. God. Fuck some Photoshop. That took way too goddamn long and I need to remember to like, move. And take breaks. Which is never, ever going to happen, but I can dream.

I'm pretty sure my neck and shoulders have fused together, and various parts of my anatomy keep making ominous crunching sounds when I move, but HA. DONE. SHA-BAM. I want a neck massage.


Which accompanies this one. )

For the Red Riding Hood chapter of [livejournal.com profile] manipulant's Into The Woods. (An EXTREMELY LOOSE interpretation, I might add.)

There's a slightly brighter version here at my Tumblr. I like the way the brighter red makes it pop more, but in terms of this being a piece for ITW we decided on the darker version, since it fits the mood of the story better.

And holy crap, thank you SO MUCH [livejournal.com profile] dorian_mauve and [livejournal.com profile] manipulant for the handholding tonight. Handholding and opinions and suggestions and general patience. ♥ ♥ ♥ There is no way in hell I would've sat still long enough to finish this otherwise.

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Art post! :DDDDDD

Big, shiny, much-easier-to-see Tumblr versions are here, but I'm a giant attention-seeker, soooo... comments?~

Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village though; he will not see me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow. )

In case anyone's wondering, yes, I've officially stopped giving a fuck about must do schoolwork all the fucking time, oh my GOD. Obviously. I... don't think I drew this much when I was even in undergrad. Like. Where I was getting a degree in it. FINALS WEEK, SHMINALS WEEK. I'm posting this, I'mma crash for a few hours, and then [livejournal.com profile] evilhippo and I are going to the Field Museum where I am gonna ogle some fuckin' DINOS. Also whales. But mostly dinos.

Oh, AND. I've reworked a couple pieces already but I'm kind of not in the mood to have any more adventures with my scanner tonight. [livejournal.com profile] manipulant, most of them are yours and you can expect them shortly. (AKA please replace the old ones ASAFP kthx ♥)

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So it's only been over a month and a half. So I only managed to quit my job, pack my shit, drive 2,227 miles, find a new place, move in, fly back to Portland for my cats, start school and not actually completely lose my mind (I said completely, I know and I'm sorry what a couple of you have been dealing with from me, I know, shut up also I love you), AND I STILL HAVE THREE PIECES TO MAKE A POST.


I still have so much reading to do today, it's horrifying.

My BBB, Round 2 piece, one Into The Woods piece, and the first of a four-part born of a really weird conversation somewhere in the mountains of western Montana.

and you will wait at your post until you've been relieved, and warn us all if seas are dangerous. )

A couple words of disclaimer/blather-
The second two I have every intention of going back into and doing a lot more color replacement kind of stuff and some basic cell-shading. These are getting tacked onto the list begun with the last legit art post I made, on which I have made a grand total of zero headway. I'll get there.

I also might try and start posting in twos instead of threes, we'll see how OCD I get when the time comes. Yes, this does actually create legitimate concern for me and yes, I know it's ridiculous.

[livejournal.com profile] manipulant, I only have... ohgod. Do I really only have one left? I've been saving him for last and this is it, isn't it? Gah! Anyway, it looks like you're totally gonna be getting some kind of bizarre fan mix thing with the last installment, because I can't not soundtrack everything I do and some songs were just made for gay married storybook shenanigans.

Have I mentioned lately that I really like comments? Cuz I do. ♥ ♥ ♥

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A couple of things:
I finished my BBB second-round piece at the beginning of the week (it didn't make me crazy and miserable, I'm a little confused), and it ended up having a little/lot more Photoshop stuff going on than I usually employ. And I actually enjoyed it.

I haven't had time and won't for awhile to tinker with the first and third pieces posted here, but I have no idea how long it'll be til I do, so I'm just gonna throw up the preliminaries.

So that said, these will be a little different than usual.

Three Into The Woods pieces!

If there's a way in, then there's a way out. I'll let you think that way for now. )

Right. So. Expect to see updated versions of these at some point.

[livejournal.com profile] manipulant, I know they're sort of a change from the other ITW pieces, so if when you're posting the set you just want the un-doctored pencil drawings so that they all look like they go together, that's cool. I'll just give you both versions or whatever. Or maybe you're not as neurotic as I am. Chances are that if this current kick I'm on pans out, I might go back through and do similar things to the rest of them.

I haven't really decided what I think of the Photoshoppy thing yet.

ANYWAY. I had ten minutes before morning staff came in on Wednesday. Enjoy. )

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The best part was when I thought I'd left the post-it notes with the script for this on the counter at work.

Pro tip! The stool can also be used to bludgeon to death any asshole trying to make Dashboard Confessional references in your presence. Chris Carrabba is a sissy-boy with fancy hair and you won't stand for that shit.

a brief explanation for you Provencal types )
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Oh my god, this weekend has been insane, art-wise.

[livejournal.com profile] manipulant IS AMAZING. I HOPE EVERYBODY IS AWARE OF THIS. (For many, MANY reasons including the one listed here, I feel it's necessary to point out.)
She made me an ALL-CAPS promo post on her journal and I've been getting friends requests and comments and

HI, HI NEW PEOPLE! Welcome to the party! Feel free to comment, say hi, spam me anything but Justin Bieber OH MY GOD some people think they're soooooo funny, don't be shy. Thrilled to have you!~

Now for the stuff you actually might care about.

Maybe I'm aging, I like how that sounds. )

Which brings me to


I created it this afternoon and have spent all day bombing it. I've never actually used Tumblr EVER, okay, so bear with me a little if I'm blundering around like a moron over there. For that matter if I do something stupid or whatever, let me know over here, okay? So I can fix it? [livejournal.com profile] dorian_mauve spent most of today on Twitter with me, walking me through it and barely avoiding a couple major meltdowns when I couldn't figure out (still can't) how to reply via reblog. Fucking kill me, I swear. I'd rather you correct me than just continue looking like an idiot.

A side note to that, I've got Vices & Virtues: It Came queued up to post one-a-day for the next week or so, starting today. In case anyone's wondering why only Ready To Go is up there so far.

Never stop.


Jul. 7th, 2011 10:01 am
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Nate Ruess smoking on a cupcake.

I dunno, what did you do last night?

(aka the last-ditch effort to keep myself from breaking something in an effort to draw a not-stupid-looking kiss. OH MY GOD I AM SO OVER THAT SHIT.)

Blogspot copy is here.
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The product of my certifiably awful mood last night.

Nate Ruess just makes me happy like few things make me happy, alright? This is a fact I am learning. Something about his stupid, frumpy, adorable outfits with his grandpa sweaters and inability to wear socks. This.

[livejournal.com profile] dorian_mauve, last week you told me to draw you a thing.


Oh, and blogspot version is here.
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Ugh, this has taken me long enough.

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] manipulant, I hope you love me with all of your bourbon heart, okay?

You throw the attic window open and I throw myself all around you )

Bigger, shinier versions here, at my Blogspot.
...Maybe someday I'll even have followers. And like. triple-digit pageviews. Lol.

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I just realized that all three are fic-based this time around. What.

But mostly I just like drawing fabric. And really girly guys.


The setting sun on mars is all you ever wanted )

Thanks to the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-is-a-train that is grad school, my free hours to draw suddenly have an expiration date, so I'm going kind of crazy right now. I've been drawing in pretty much every free second I have left to me, at work and otherwise, and I'll probably keep on doing it until the hour I leave for Chicago. I'm re-developing raptor-hand; an occurrence that's lain dormant since my last term at SCAD. It's kind of thrilling.

[livejournal.com profile] regonym, I still owe you an Elizabethan ruff. I haven't forgotten.

And, as is my usual routine, now I'm going to sit around and fret about whether or not to actually show the non-Rapunzel two to the authors who inspired them. Or I could just continue to skulk around like a huge creeper.

As usual, I'll email/whatever full versions upon request.

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Rise if you're sleeping, stay awake. We are young supernovas and the heat's about to break. Drift through the streets, walk between the cars. Newborn sons and daughters spat forth from distant stars. )

And a SUPER-AMAZING bonus piece that kept me half an hour late at work today. That's right, because today is May 4th and I work on the psych ward staffed by a bunch of Star Wars nuts, I got paid like, $7 to do this. Well. Okay. Do this and then bum around a bunch basking in my own glory, teasing Denise and figuring out my Sith name. Whatever. /hands/
Just call me Raphael of the white board, baby. )
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It's that time again, and this time I even have a full post. Plus one, because I have officially reached new levels of neurosis and couldn't leave Lake Without Boats all alone down there.

Spoiler: There are no cravats under here. I'm a failure, obviously. But I can promise bare feet and buttons. )

As usual, this is entirely an attention-seeking maneuver.
Feedback, opinions, interpretations, spot-the-obvious-visual-references, make fun of me because I'm a giant dork, whatever tickles your pickle. Have at!

And I'm pretty serious about the organs.
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Or like, if I actually bothered having moral dilemmas in the first place.

The question is-
When you're keeping a kid company while she has homicidal auditory hallucinations, is it morally reprehensible to completely thrash her at Uno?

Whatever, she didn't really seem to mind.

On a completely different topic, I'm having a really embarrassing amount of trouble trying to decide if I wanna post this yet or not, so I'm just gonna do it. Impatient or whatever.

Of course, now I'm gonna completely freak out that it's not time yet, but OH MY GOD seriously, what even is my logic? Calling it logic is probably giving it way too much credit, anyway. I just feel bad posting the picture all by itself! It'll be all exposed and lonely and self-conscious slapped up on the internet without companion pieces to share your scrutiny!
...Holy fuck, H. Project much?

FINE, OKAY. HERE. I'll even post some random shitty gesture sketches to keep it company or whatever so I'll actually get some sleep today. )
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So I didn't think I could get much kookier after the whole Aeronaut/Undead Prom King thing, but... I WAS WRONG! :D

Like, so. So wrong.

Ladies and gents, I give unto you garters! And zombies! And EVEN MORE CRAVATS THAN THERE WERE ALREADY CRAVATS.


My cellmate's a killer, they make me do push-ups in drag. )
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and yet all I want to draw is jack-o-lanterns )

Gonna go back to binging on pad thai and The October Country now. And vampires. Cheesy, cheesy vampires.

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