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Rise if you're sleeping, stay awake. We are young supernovas and the heat's about to break. Drift through the streets, walk between the cars. Newborn sons and daughters spat forth from distant stars. )

And a SUPER-AMAZING bonus piece that kept me half an hour late at work today. That's right, because today is May 4th and I work on the psych ward staffed by a bunch of Star Wars nuts, I got paid like, $7 to do this. Well. Okay. Do this and then bum around a bunch basking in my own glory, teasing Denise and figuring out my Sith name. Whatever. /hands/
Just call me Raphael of the white board, baby. )
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It's that time again, and this time I even have a full post. Plus one, because I have officially reached new levels of neurosis and couldn't leave Lake Without Boats all alone down there.

Spoiler: There are no cravats under here. I'm a failure, obviously. But I can promise bare feet and buttons. )

As usual, this is entirely an attention-seeking maneuver.
Feedback, opinions, interpretations, spot-the-obvious-visual-references, make fun of me because I'm a giant dork, whatever tickles your pickle. Have at!

And I'm pretty serious about the organs.
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Or like, if I actually bothered having moral dilemmas in the first place.

The question is-
When you're keeping a kid company while she has homicidal auditory hallucinations, is it morally reprehensible to completely thrash her at Uno?

Whatever, she didn't really seem to mind.

On a completely different topic, I'm having a really embarrassing amount of trouble trying to decide if I wanna post this yet or not, so I'm just gonna do it. Impatient or whatever.

Of course, now I'm gonna completely freak out that it's not time yet, but OH MY GOD seriously, what even is my logic? Calling it logic is probably giving it way too much credit, anyway. I just feel bad posting the picture all by itself! It'll be all exposed and lonely and self-conscious slapped up on the internet without companion pieces to share your scrutiny!
...Holy fuck, H. Project much?

FINE, OKAY. HERE. I'll even post some random shitty gesture sketches to keep it company or whatever so I'll actually get some sleep today. )

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