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I have been awake foreverrrrrrrr. My life keeps happenninnnnngggggg.

Whatever. POST TIME! :D

Vices & Virtues: It Came

we just wanna get down on the floor )

Yes, I am in fact aware that Odette and Odile are typically played by the same prima.

The idea of Suarez and Ryland making out actually kind of makes me want to die a little. ...In a not entirely awful way.

Nate Navarro, my love is deep and it is eternal. Baby, this thing is so real.

...Gabe Saporta will probably never not be Fairy Godsaporta in my stupid comics. I think I just realized that.

crap, I guess I never technically posted this... )

Don't be hatin.

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You know when you're in seventh grade and you send the kid you like a note "Do you like me??? Check yes or no :D", with little check-boxes and all the i's dotted in hearts?

That is what this song makes me think of.

It makes me happy.

Vices & Virtues: It Came

you were warned.

stuff's under the cut.

We ♥ our metaphors )

I'm not actually tin-hatting. Sometimes I just need to make adorable things.

Ryan's just cranky because cable-knit isn't as awesome as Rosevest.

Fictional Jon Walker is my favorite.

Other Things: )
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[livejournal.com profile] dorian_mauve, this is yours. Thanks for keeping me company last night. ♥ ♥ ♥ (you totally deserve more)


Vices & Virtues: It Came

seriously. why aren't you running?

supplemental material below the cut, of course.

I have this whole scenario worked out in my head where Brendon is a vampire in Lost Boys and wrote this song while hovering around outside Spencer's window, watching him sleep. Kiefer Sutherland comes by at some point. )

Spoiler! Expect cameos.

I actually managed an attention span longer than twenty minutes last night, so HOORAY! I've finally got another big piece going that might stick this time. Facial scars and fancy clothes point to yes.

So I have this thing, right, for Ryan Ross in really douchey sunglasses. It's a thing. Kanye is on board.
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In no particular order, I give you...

Vices & Virtues: It Came.
a series
run while you still can

(sorry, I'm not used to doing these things full-page, you might wanna click and magnify. Ugh.)

Now, I don't want anyone to get excited- I can't do the kind of photo-realism I used here for Shane Drake in all my comics. It'd take way too long. Sorry to disappoint.
(Ryan didn't have time for a complete costume change after the Baywatch thing, but he hopes you like his bubble pipe.)

And really. Can I just commend the shit out of whoever's in charge of Panic!'s advertising PR right now? I'm not even kidding, this is my favorite new album ad in the history of ever. Veni, vidi...
Don't blame the artist, it's the advertising's fault. )

There was other work-type stuff I was gonna write about, but my attention span just died.

Calendar next, I feel?

Or Memories..?

...Or Trade Mistakes...

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So pretty much [livejournal.com profile] reni_days rocks my world.

This has been gestating for like, a week or so, after a conversation we had about Brendon Urie and his truly remarkable use of subtlety in metaphor. By which we mean, his utter inability to engage it.

It was worth a try, right?

Don't get it? This might help.
Oh no, I seem to have forgotten my bathing suit. Oh, my goodness. You're so wet.
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Rise if you're sleeping, stay awake. We are young supernovas and the heat's about to break. Drift through the streets, walk between the cars. Newborn sons and daughters spat forth from distant stars. )

And a SUPER-AMAZING bonus piece that kept me half an hour late at work today. That's right, because today is May 4th and I work on the psych ward staffed by a bunch of Star Wars nuts, I got paid like, $7 to do this. Well. Okay. Do this and then bum around a bunch basking in my own glory, teasing Denise and figuring out my Sith name. Whatever. /hands/
Just call me Raphael of the white board, baby. )
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So first there was this:

And then there was this:

Now, who the hell would I be to disappoint?

(Yeah, I'm aware that Spencer is the one who ends up in the actual Lederhosen, sorry. The universe's need for a cartoon of Brendon Urie in Lederhosen just felt worth the artistic liberty.)

And this is what the inside of my head looks like right now. )

Oh, and-

1. If you're totally over this shit and would like a little less spam on your flist, just let me know. Total amnesty, no hard feelings, I'll just take you off the filter. ♥

2. On the other hand, if you think this shit is supermegafoxyawesomehot and want to bare witness to a version of anything (or everything, including the bigger stuff) that isn't some lameass teeny-weenie LJ image, again, lemme know. I can just email them to you or something. This especially goes for those people whose, uh, original material is being viciously abused here by me and my apparent newfound penchant for creative liberty. I'm just posting under a filter so I don't make the civilians on my flist hate me, I pretty much don't care if my stuff gets reposted, just so long as you credit and let me know so I can go and bask in the epic validation this provides.
Holy shit, guys, 70 fucking comments on that first one? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

...I need to get off my ass and make a website or something already. For serious.
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Princess Brendon hates you and hopes you die.

And by 'you' he means everybody who isn't finding him pants.

Those individuals chiefly responsible for this?


You guys. Raise your hands so we can see you.

Tell me...

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Let's all play Spot The Wentz!

[livejournal.com profile] aquidis, YOU ONLY REALLY BROUGHT THIS UPON YOURSELF.



(and anyone else who wants in on the Crazy Cobra Variety Show over here, jump on in.)
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It's that time again, and this time I even have a full post. Plus one, because I have officially reached new levels of neurosis and couldn't leave Lake Without Boats all alone down there.

Spoiler: There are no cravats under here. I'm a failure, obviously. But I can promise bare feet and buttons. )

As usual, this is entirely an attention-seeking maneuver.
Feedback, opinions, interpretations, spot-the-obvious-visual-references, make fun of me because I'm a giant dork, whatever tickles your pickle. Have at!

And I'm pretty serious about the organs.
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Or like, if I actually bothered having moral dilemmas in the first place.

The question is-
When you're keeping a kid company while she has homicidal auditory hallucinations, is it morally reprehensible to completely thrash her at Uno?

Whatever, she didn't really seem to mind.

On a completely different topic, I'm having a really embarrassing amount of trouble trying to decide if I wanna post this yet or not, so I'm just gonna do it. Impatient or whatever.

Of course, now I'm gonna completely freak out that it's not time yet, but OH MY GOD seriously, what even is my logic? Calling it logic is probably giving it way too much credit, anyway. I just feel bad posting the picture all by itself! It'll be all exposed and lonely and self-conscious slapped up on the internet without companion pieces to share your scrutiny!
...Holy fuck, H. Project much?

FINE, OKAY. HERE. I'll even post some random shitty gesture sketches to keep it company or whatever so I'll actually get some sleep today. )
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So I didn't think I could get much kookier after the whole Aeronaut/Undead Prom King thing, but... I WAS WRONG! :D

Like, so. So wrong.

Ladies and gents, I give unto you garters! And zombies! And EVEN MORE CRAVATS THAN THERE WERE ALREADY CRAVATS.


My cellmate's a killer, they make me do push-ups in drag. )
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and yet all I want to draw is jack-o-lanterns )

Gonna go back to binging on pad thai and The October Country now. And vampires. Cheesy, cheesy vampires.
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This post is for me and [livejournal.com profile] regonym to BE AMAZING AT EACH OTHER in. So we stop being amazing all over [livejournal.com profile] platoapproved's LJ.

Goodness gracious, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, BABY.
No, like. Literally.

...I'm gonna hate myself for this later.
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So apparently I'm all about spamming LJ today.
I'm supposed to be sleeping right now, since I woke up around 9 this morning and I have work in three and a half hours. Balls. Oh well. It's a lovely evening and my garden is going crazy, so I think it's high time for a picspam. Enjoy! ♥

Domestic bliss )
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I've caved and am pilfering [livejournal.com profile] graffitimoon's song lyrics as headers. Just. ...Btw.

Anyway, two weeks in and I still like my job, seems like a promising thing. I had trainings all this past week, so I only worked the Sunday AON shift and then did Tuesday, Thursday, Friday during the day, which was... bleargh. Waking up at 7:30 am every morning to deal with that shit does not a happy graveyarder make. Whatever. I'm all trained up on the important stuff (non-violent physical crisis intervention, aka CHOKE A BITCH 101, and basic unit management), so at least now I can be left alone on the unit with the kids. Not that they've given me any trouble so far, but all it takes is a fresh admit or a transfer and blargh there it goes. But yeah. Job is good. So that's nice. This whole income thing is just thrilling.

Not much else occurring other than work, except for [livejournal.com profile] zolac_no_miko and my recent bombardment of gay cowboys. Which, I must say, is pretty fabulous. And not Brokeback Mountain. None of that. Here's the link if anybody feels compelled to partake in gay cowboys living in their brain.
[livejournal.com profile] bluerose16, Melissa, and one of Chris' friends are visiting from Whitman this weekend, so there were seven of us that descended upon downtown Portland this morning. We did dim sum in Chinatown and then ransacked Powells Books like woah and ended up spending about an hour alone in the gay and erotica sections scouring the shelves for gay cowboys AND WE TOTALLY FOUND SOME AND IT'S AWESOME. Epic Gay Cowboy Readaloud ftw.

Also shiny and new in my life is the discovery of $1 rentals at the Blockbuster a ten minute walk from my house. Hells to the yeah.
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Sooooo I have my apartment and I've had one job interview that was scary and long and enormous (two and a half hours duuuuude), and Ange and I bought the world last night. In other words, moving is going about as planned, if not slightly better. Okay, way better. I was expecting fire and pain like Chicago. I seriously have no fucking idea how we'd have gotten all this stuff if we didn't have a station wagon at our disposal. We did Ikea a couple days ago, and now I even have a real bed. Or, right now I have a mattress and a box full of frame bits. BUT THE MATTRESS IS REALLY COMFY AND OMG A REAL MATTRESS AND FUCK YOU AIR BEDS OMG.
So there's that.
And today is the day of Craigslisting and thriftstoring more furniture and maybe MAYBE actually sort of setting some shit up around here. We did a lot of the kitchen last night, but so far that's it.
Other things that I'd like to happen soon are finding some good black nail polish for my toenails now that they're getting all chipped and [livejournal.com profile] evilhippo isn't around to steal from, and also MAYBE POSSIBLY getting more than four hours of sleep in a night. Maybe possibly.


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