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Ok, since I'm feeling all conforming-like today, here's a meme jacked from a [livejournal.com profile] rsiasta and [livejournal.com profile] shichahn.

Ask my RP chars any questions you want, and they shall reply. You can also ask as your own char. From whatever RP you're in.

Ishbal Era!Kimblee
Fleur Delacour
Capt. Malcom Reynolds

Um, lemme know if I forgot one... XD;;

Also, the sky looks like SO much doom right now. It's amazing. Me and Erin were driving back from the grocery store and the sky was all blue over us, but the further back toward the apartments we drove, he darker it got. IT'S THE DARKNESS! Stand by for sirens, kiddies.
And I'm just annoyed that I didn't have time after my shower to fix my hair and put stuff in it. Now it's all floofy. Damn you, humidity. And electricity. Here comes the thunder. See? This is why I schedule early classes.

OH GODS, DON'T MAKE ME DO FINALS! *kickclawscratchwhine*

I got an idea for my final in Intro. Death is gonna be my main character, but it isn't gonna be all like, OMG I I KEELZ JOO! Ok. Gonna stop now before it sounds even more craptabulous. Lemme know if you want details or have input. I got the idea at like, 2am when I should have been sleeping and got to scramble around for a post-it. I just have the idea of a drowned girl floating under water and my little androgynous boy/girl death pulling her out and having tea with her.
CSI and Hellboy don't mix, btw.
Oh! But I got a good review for my anthology "Ghost" piece today, and people liked the Mignola-ness. And it made me way happier than I was willing to say in class when one guy was like, "Wow, that looks kinda like Mignola-style. That's so cool." So I'm gloating. And no, I didn't copy. I'm just referencing a style. So booyaka. That, and I was too lazy to hatch and Mignola is the king of spot-blacks as shadows. Must look into this further...

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