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A couple of things:
I finished my BBB second-round piece at the beginning of the week (it didn't make me crazy and miserable, I'm a little confused), and it ended up having a little/lot more Photoshop stuff going on than I usually employ. And I actually enjoyed it.

I haven't had time and won't for awhile to tinker with the first and third pieces posted here, but I have no idea how long it'll be til I do, so I'm just gonna throw up the preliminaries.

So that said, these will be a little different than usual.

Three Into The Woods pieces!


For the Cinderella chapter.
The product of an entire night spent listening to Cobra Starship. No, seriously, like midnight to 7am ALL SNAKES ALL THE TIME. Help.
And [livejournal.com profile] manipulant, I know it isn't exactly adherent to your imagined wardrobe, but... well. Oops?

Into The Woods

Okay, the Little Red Riding Hood chapter made me crazy. I didn't wanna go literal, since apparently that makes me hate everything I draw, but the next-best option kept turning into Spencer-ish person standing around wearing a three-wolf moon t-shirt. Of course SOME PEOPLE tried to encourage that, because obviously they want terrible things to happen, so THOSE PEOPLE can just scroll down and see what happens when they validate my bad ideas. ...In case previous evidence wasn't enough.

And I almost forgot- I need a sec to fangirl here. FREAKY WEIRDO WOLF-POSSESSION/TRANSFERENCE/WHATEVER A+ CREEPY YES. Because a giant wolf stalking you through the woods isn't enough, it was to start living in your head and controlling the weather. There are reasons I'm drawing for this story. ♥ ♥ ♥

Anyway, then this happened. Idk.
Big, shiny Tumblr version.


Second piece for LRR.
I'm on a hoodie kick. It seemed appropriate.
Big, shiny Tumblr version.

Right. So. Expect to see updated versions of these at some point.

[livejournal.com profile] manipulant, I know they're sort of a change from the other ITW pieces, so if when you're posting the set you just want the un-doctored pencil drawings so that they all look like they go together, that's cool. I'll just give you both versions or whatever. Or maybe you're not as neurotic as I am. Chances are that if this current kick I'm on pans out, I might go back through and do similar things to the rest of them.

I haven't really decided what I think of the Photoshoppy thing yet.

...and I guess while I'm at it, the fruits of my last night at work.

per "draw Ryan Ross" request by [livejournal.com profile] aquidis.

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